Unfiltered Sunlight for Good Sleep

Written by:October 3, 2012 at 4:44 am

In my Sleep Guide “7 Unusual Habits You Need for Good Sleep” I explain why sunlight is imperative for sleep. The importance grows exponentially as we age and hormones start “running out”; but some people don’t realize that unfiltered sun is what we need to keep those life juices in production.

What is Unfiltered Sun?

Unfiltered sun is sunlight that is absorbed directly through our skin, without any medium in between the suns rays and our skin.

Mediums that usually separate us from the whole sunlight are:

  • windows
  • clothing
  • sunscreen

Why Should We Get the Sun Without Filters?

Well we think we know what we know. But we definitely don’t know what we don’t know!

For example, we know that sophisticated sunscreens are able to block out certain “dangerous” UV rays. That means only a Fraction of the sunlight gets to interact with our skin. In my logical opinion, god and nature intended the whole ray to bless our skin. This is why we need to take in Fractals and not Fractions.

Here are some analogies

Take this factual analogy for instance: if we filter water on a molecular level to separate it from the rest of the minerals found in spring water, when we drink this water we can become seriously dehydrated as our minerals get flushed from our body. Hydration is about the right balance of water with minerals, not isolated water.

Take another factual analogy: Let’s say we take an almond and extract the calcium from it and eat that calcium as a supplement. Tons of research shows that the calcium in that isolated form has no benefit to the bones and has a serious effect on hardening your arteries leading to heart disease! It’s not because Almonds or calcium is bad, it’s because of the fractionated form it’s in.

Last one to make sure you get the point. If we extract a hand from a human; because we KNOW that the hand with it’s amazing opposable thumb is the thing that can assemble tools for human advancement. And we give this hand all the nuts and bolts to assemble cool stuff, what do you think will happen? It will ROT! That’s it, then some rats or other scavengers will come along to eat it up hopefully before it really starts to give off an odor!

Why won’t the hand build the amazing tools that we know hands are capable of building?

  • Because you have separated it from the arm that holds the hand
  • You have disconnected it from the brain that tells the hand what to do
  • You filtered it from the heart that supplies the hand with oxygen rich blood

Have I created a clear picture now?

So if we want the full benefit of nature, we must take it in as a whole form, not fractionated. The fractionated, isolated enhanced stuff we take including sunlight is not as good as the direct unadulterated version that nature intended.

Science to Back it Up

Back in the days when TB was an incurable disease, one doctor figured out that Sunlight would cure the condition. After curing many people with unfiltered sunlight, some smarter people implemented a more controlled study and put the patients in a little hut to take the sunlight in through the windows. They then found out that sunlight cannot cure TB! What they did not realize is that the window was filtering out some important component of sunlight that plays a major role in curing the TB! I’m guessing someone has probably tried to isolate that important sunlight component since then to use as a cure for TB.

What Does this have to DO with Sleep?

As described in my eBook, the suns interaction with your skin allows you to produce melatonin which is an important hormone that makes you enjoy deep sleep. Now please understand that melatonin is just one of the components we know of that plays a major role in sleep… but nothing works on its own. So make sure you get direct unfiltered sunlight so you get all of the raw materials for producing melatonin; and many other things we have not discovered and isolated yet. That way you can get the high quality sleep you need.

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Jihad Waterman