Snoring: It’s Annoying Your Partner But Killing You!

Written by:January 10, 2013 at 6:06 pm

Now don’t get too worked up, because stress will kill you much faster than snoring will. Relax, take a deep breath and I’ll explain the cause and effect of snoring along with some good solutions.

Cause of Snoring

First of all snoring is caused by an inflammatory condition of the upper respiratory system. When you inhale; air passes the nasal passage and uvula (that funny looking thing that hangs in the back of your throat). Inflammation causes a narrowing or blockage of the throat which produces an interruption in the airflow to the lungs. The interruption of airflow causes the vibration we hear and refer to as snoring. Although snoring may disturb your partner’s sleep, it’s slowly killing you.

The inflammatory condition that causes snoring is caused by what we eat, drink, breathe and think.  Therefore lifestyle choices can greatly reduce inflammation and eliminate snoring.


Harmful Effects of Snoring

It’s well known that the most important nutrient we take in is the oxygen that we breathe. Ideal smooth rhythmic breathing creates ideal oxygenation to the body’s cells. This aerobic (oxygen rich) condition promotes beneficial cellular respiration and eliminates pathogens. In an aerobic condition, all of the body’s functions can operate harmoniously providing us with good health.

On the other hand erratic disruptive breathing rhythms cause poor oxygenation to the body’s cells creating anaerobic (oxygen poor) conditions. In anaerobic environments harmful bacteria, yeast mold and fungus can thrive. Diseases such as cancer are known to thrive in oxygen poor environments. Ultimately these conditions of the body are associated with countless chronic diseases, poor health and early death. Recent studies have shown that people who snore are 3 times more likely to get cancer.

When a person is snoring, the oxygen flow to the lungs fluctuates in a very disruptive manner due to the continuous interruptions caused by the blockage near the back of the throat and nasal passage. This is how snoring creates anaerobic conditions in the body which eventually take you out.

Just imagine for a second that you were getting an IV injected into your veins. The practitioner would take much care in ensuring that there were no interruptions (air pockets) in the flow of the solution into your blood stream. Failure to do so could be deadly!  Now consider the same thing with the air flowing to your lungs. Interruptions will be deadly to the cells that get the short end of the breath.

The only thing more important than how we sleep is how we breathe and truly they are intertwined and affect one another.


Solutions for Snoring

As mentioned above the inflammation that causes snoring come from what we eat, drink, breathe and think.  So here is what you can do.

Eat more fresh wild and organic fruits and vegetables which are full of antioxidants (negative ions / free electrons which reduce inflammation). Avoid foods known to cause chronic inflammation due to indigestible proteins such as wheat, rice, corn, soy and dairy.

Drink charged water, freshly squeezed organic juices, elixirs and teas. Chamomile for example contains natural anti histamines which reduce inflammation. Staying hydrated is paramount to keeping inflammation at bay. Avoid dehydrating drinks like coffee, caffeinated energy drinks sodas and drinks with processed sugars (almost anything on the shelf).

Breathe deeply while in natural environments as much as you can. Yoga and other traditional breathing exercises are great for increasing oxygenation to the body and expelling waste. If you find yourself stuck in the grungy city like many of us do today, make sure you have a negative ion producing device. It will help clean the air by releasing an abundance of negative ions which is known to reduce inflammation.

Think happy thoughts! The ability to relax and reduce stress has a huge effect on reducing inflammation. Throughout your day, utilize quick methods of reducing stress. The quickest way for me is thinking about my baby’s smile. There are also biofeedback devices that train you to reduce stress and other effective methods which are outlined in my book 7 Unusual Habits You Need for Good Sleep.

The best way by far is to Learn my 5 Step Protocol to Eliminate Breathing Issues during sleep.  Such a simple thing can significantly reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease!


Snoring: The Conclusion

As with most unfavorable conditions, snoring is basically ignored as a normal phenomenon. However, the truth is it’s a symptom of deeper underlying problems that can be solved. The danger with snoring is that it can become the cause of more complex problems due to its encumbering oxygenation to the body’s cells. Not to mention it will annoy the heck out of your partner who may just put a pillow over your face!

The point is that snoring should be viewed as a sign that we need to make positive changes in our lives. By taking action we can have a better relationship with our partner, live happier, healthier lives and we can all enjoy more restorative sleep.

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