Pocket Coil Mattress

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Pocket Coil Mattress

There are 1000s of different pocket coil mattresses available on the market, and choosing the right one can be extremely confusing!

Here I will explain to you which pocket coil mattress is ideal for you no matter who you are. First you should understand the basics. How to Buy a Mattress How to Buy a Mattress How to Buy a Mattress How to Buy a Mattress How to Buy a Mattress

Firm Pocket Coil Mattress

This is the firmest type of mattress on the market. The individual pocket coils push back against your body for support. It can be good if you like to sleep on a harder surface. However you should be weary of buying a firm pocket coil mattress if you are a side sleeper. In speaking with 100s of side sleepers, I have found over 70% of side sleepers experience some type of arm numbness during the night suggesting the hard sleeping surface is cutting off the circulation in their arms. Good circulation in the arms in individuals like conductors has been associated with healthy hearts. Therefore poor circulation in the arms can result in increased risk of heart disease.

Plush Pocket Coil Mattress

This is the softest of the pocket coil mattresses. Plush is just a branded word the mattress industry uses for “soft”. This could be comfortable for lighter weight individuals whereas heavier people may not get the required support they need for proper sleeping posture and blood circulation.

Medium Firm Pocket Coil Mattress

This is simply somewhere in between firm and plush.

What’s Best For You How to Buy a Mattress

The truth is you wont know until you try. BUT WAIT… 5-10 minutes is not enough to try out a mattress you will commit to for 5-10 years. Even 1 hour is not sufficient.

In order to guarantee you get the perfect feeling from your pocket coil mattress, you need one with adjustable firmness. That means if you don’t like it, you can just adjust the firmness in less than a minute and find the perfect comfort you need.

As time changes and your preferences change, you will continue to have the ability to change how Firm or Plush you want your pocket coil mattress.

For example, if you thought the firmest setting was best for you but often wake up with a tingly or numb arm, you can quickly adjust it towards the plush side, so you do not compromise the health of your heart and the quality of your sleep.

Learn exactly how you can customize the firmness of your pocket coil mattress

Most people spend their money on a mattress they end up not  liking and just get stuck with it for years. The ability to customize the firmness is an amazing innovation we can take advantage of today.

What’s Best For Your Sleeping Partner

Unless you are sleeping with your twin, the likelihood that you will agree on the same sleeping surface is slim. As a result, you may want to learn about the dual sided pocket coil mattresses where each partner can choose how firm or plush they want their pocket coil mattress to be.

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J. Waterman
Author “High Quality Sleep Guide”