Follow Your Dreams

Written by:April 15, 2013 at 10:55 am



People will always say that you should follow your dreams.  It sounds really positive but without the right tools it is simple not practical.

Think about it like this.

  • Why would you want to follow your dreams if you have no control over what you dream about?
  • How can you follow your dreams if you cannot remember your dream?
  • How can you dream good without getting High Quality Sleep?

Now I understand that when people say “follow your dreams” they may be referring to just some vague thoughts and random wishes that enter the mind here and there.  But the truth is, the root of this saying is very literal.  Anyone who has studied the power of the subconscious mind understands that it is the subconscious mind plays the biggest role in forming our reality.  The mind works in images and turns those internal images into external realities.  Most people cannot manifest what they want because they are unable to create VIVID IMAGES in their MINDS……….except in their dreams!

As a result in order to follow your dreams you must first follow four steps.

  1. Induce High Quality Sleep:
  2. Control your Dreams
  3. Remember your Dreams:
  4. Action your Dreams

Here is a poem I wrote that helps people to control and remember their dreams. Recite it each night before you go to sleep.

Each night I close my eyes and Drift Ocean Deep
As I enter into High Quality Sleep
Rebuilding my Body
Rejuvenating my Mind
Recharging my Energy
Reenforcing what is best for my Highest High

I design my own dreams, so vivid so real
And completely Innerstand what they Reveal
Rebuilding my Future
Rejuvenating my Soul
Replenishing my Will
Reenforcing that I’m in Control

In my dreams I can See, Hear, Smell, Taste and Feel
In my Dreams I can See what I create is Actually Real
Rebuilding my Reality
Redefining my Fun
Restoring my Bliss
Reenforcing that I am ONE

by J. Waterman

Following our dreams starts with getting High Quality Sleep.  Learn how to optimize your sleep by downloading my book “7 Unusual Habits You Need for Good Sleep“.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the Dream Poem. I’d love to hear your results.