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Jihad Waterman

Jihad Waterman

Thanks to tough life challenges I’ve had the opportunity to realize what really matters to me. One of those things is feeling good all the time, and then stepping it up a notch. For years I believed it was all about the diet. While on a Life Food diet I became what seemed to be invincible to sickness, infections and fatigue. I always felt and looked amazing!

The turning point was when the entrepreneur in me decided to exploit this invincibility by doing 36 hour days as a normal life style and then recovering with  4 hours of power sleep. I was actually fresh after just 4 hours. Since I stuck with the Life Foods, I was able to do it for about 8 months “without being phased”.

But then I noticed something; I was waking up with bags under my eyes, and they would stick with me for a good portion of the day. My cheating sleep caught up to me!

That’s when I had a revelation. SLEEP IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FOOD AND WATER.

Think about it logically. The most important things to our health are equally the most important things for our survival. Listed in order of importance we have:

  1. Breathing: because the average person can only go 2-5 minutes without breathing and your breath will be taken away permanently.
  2. Sleeping: because the average person can only go 3-4 days without sleeping and then you will enjoy an eternal sleep.
  3. Water: because the average person can only go 15-30 days without water and then your internal rivers will stop flowing..

Funny our doctors and health experts always focus on diet and exercise, which does not even make it to the top 3. Don’t get me wrong, food and exercise are imperative, but sleep needs high priority. Only those who are deprived of high quality sleep realize the implications. Otherwise it’s taken for granted just like breathing and water.

Through this site, I plan to provide both scientific and more importantly, LOGICAL, relevant information that you can use in order to enjoy your sleep and your life.

Topics I will cover on this site include how optimum sleep relates to:

  • How to eat
  • What mattress you choose
  • What activities you do through the day
  • When you sleep
  • Habits you can develop
  • Where you sleep
  • Much, much more

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